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Our Mobile Number Database can be categorized as

UAE Locals Only Expatriates Only Arabic Speakers Only English Speakers Only Asians Only Europeans, American, African Only By Specific Nationality Wise (UAE, India, Egypt, Bahrain, America etc.) Age Wise VIP's and High Salaried Peoples City Wise (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.) Gender Wise (Males or Females)

SMS Marketing UAE

If regional marketers don’t have a plan for mobile advertising (Bulk SMS Marketing Company) by now, there is no way they can play catch-up their audience, 91% of total Population are using Mobile Phone (Devices).

SMS Marketing is a great way to reach your market audience. The United Arab Emirates is one of the top countries in terms of Smart Phone Users this is increasing. WAM is right Place to make Bulk SMS Marketing Campaign.

SMS Marketing is a ground-breaking approach to achieve your intended interest group. UAE is one of the best nations as far as Smartphone clients. Lion’s share individuals in UAE have versatile. All things considered, instant messages are perused inside 4 minutes. This is the most ideal approach to convey the desired information.

Nowadays Mobile is a very useful and important device for everyone. It is the best time that you can target your potential customers by sending them SMS Advertising on Mobile websites for mobile internet users, Advertising on Smart Phone Apps and Games. We will support you do all these to reach your potential customers.

Our Mobile Database:

We can do Bulk SMS Marketing and target your customers based on below categories phone number database.

  • Arabic Speakers Only (Local People or other Country Arabic Speaker)
  • Phone number database of English speakers
  • Asians People
  • By Specific Nationality Wise (Male and Female)
  • Job Title and Salaries Based
  • City Wise (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman RAK, Fujairah etc.)
  • Gender Wise (Males or Females)
Why is BULK SMS Marketing Campaign Best?
  • SMS Marketing is Faster Marketing Way
  • Deliver directly to your targeted audience
  • Immediate delivery to targeted people
  • Text Marketing is Cost effective
  • Quick visibility of your business

From all over the world, Dubai is being an emerging market for companies. With the help of Online Marketing and Advertising company’s it became easy to promote the business to the target audiences. Our new and innovative Bulk SMS Marketing and Advertising services provide various key features to the clients.

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With the world entering the time of innovation, promoting your items in Dubai was never considered so natural. As indicated by an overview directed by the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, the utilization of cell phones has raised to 228.3 cell phones per 100 individuals amid the most recent couple of years. In such an occasion, SMS promoting is one of those apparatuses that will encourage you to tell your clients about your most recent business advancements in each side of UAE.

SMS Marketing in Dubai

SMS Marketing is a powerful way to reach your target audience. Think about this: UAE is the top country in terms of Smartphone users. Majority people in UAE have mobile. On average, text messages are read within 4 minutes. This is the best way to get your message across.

The Bulk SMS showcasing is a type of business promoting that is finished with the assistance of cell phones. The SMS showcasing is finished by sending the mass SMS to an expansive number of potential clients. In the relatively recent past, email showcasing or TV promoting were viewed as two vital and best methods of advertising your items. Notwithstanding, as the utilization of cell phones and particularly the Android telephones ended up normal, a large portion of the organizations began promoting their items and administrations through Bulk SMS advertising.

As per an ongoing exploration, relatively 66% individuals in Dubai are homophobic. This implies the greater part the general population in Dubai fear to live without a cell phone. These days the progression in cell phones is significant to the point that individuals even control their business through their androids. In such an example, Text advertising brings about amazing consequences for the psyche of the clients.

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