Email Marketing Database

Reach Out to Segmented Target Users in UAE

More than 3.5 Million active emails are available in The Web and Mobile Company’s database. Our database is also efficiently organized and characterized as:

• Individuals currently living in UAE
• Emirates wise data (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain)
• UAE Expats
• Location wise database in UAE
• Companies database in UAE
• UAE Directories database
• Freezone companies database
• And much more….

Web & Mobile Email Marketing Software:

  • Web and Mobile Solutions in the UAE offers custom email marketing services tailored for all client needs.
  • Send 25,000 to 1 million emails every day with our custom setup dedicated email marketing software that uses multiple IPs for reliability.
  • Hire a dedicated Email Marketing team if you cannot find time to do this on your own. Web and Mobile Company targets audiences efficiently and brings quick business success.
  • How to get more ROI from Email Marketing?

  • Make sure to get a high email marketing open rates, this is possible by
  • Having a good subject line. Make it unique and build curiosity & excitement to open
  • Email sending time should be optimal, usually morning times are better
  • Have unsubscribe button for people who want to opt out so you send email to right people
  • Have a clear above the fold email offer.
  • Choose the right email marketing template and creative to get success with email marketing results.
  • Ever since it got introduced, Email Marketing has been a success for businesses across the world. Dubai being one of the biggest and most modern business markets, have huge implications for email marketing. For all ecommerce-based product retail websites and ones dedicated to offering services, Email Marketing Dubai is of great significance. Web and Mobile Company is an email marketing expert you can trust.

    Mechanics of Email Marketing

    Understanding the whole email marketing idea is quite simple actually. Businesses first acquire a list of valid and active email addresses used by target clients from a certain market. An attractive email containing products and services is prepared and forwarded to all members of that list swiftly.

    When and if the recipients of these marketing-based emails like the highlighted products or services, they click on them. Resulting clicks take them to business websites from where purchases can be made. It might be one of the oldest but is still one of the most efficient digital marketing ways for businesses.

    Call Web and Mobile Company now to get professional advice about best Email Marketing Dubai services.

    Getting Your Audience Right

    The process of making email marketing more efficient involves getting the audience for your emails right. It is easy to think for many ecommerce and product-based websites that everyone can be a potential business lead. However, this needs more refining. Web and Mobile is the most trusted Email Marketing UAE company offering accurate services for our clients.

    A quality Email Marketing Company in Dubai would tell you how to get the best audiences for your emails. Basically, you would be aiming to get highest conversion rates from these emails. Conversion rates imply email recipients turning into actual customers and clients making purchases from your business websites.

    Evaluating your email audience’s social values, cultural standpoints, religious beliefs, age and gender factors is significant. A middle-aged Muslim person will most likely not be interested in portraits of Jesus Christ for example. To avoid wasted emails, you have to get your audiences right at all times.

    The Best Times to Send Marketing Emails

    When trying to sell products and services to your target clients, getting email times right is very important. Email Marketing Services in Dubai would have to analyze best time slots in order for their emails to reach recipients. Different businesses will have different perfect email times as well.

    An online food selling website in Dubai for instance would have perfect email time set around lunch and dinner time. A fashion clothing brand would do best in sending emails during the passive hours of the day (later afternoon time). A women centric business website will do best by sending out emails in the late hours of the day. When target audience gets most time to view emails matters most.

    When emails reach recipients at busy times of the day, they will most likely get wasted. Depending on who you are targeting, a professional analysis of best emailing times can make a great difference. This little detail is often the deciding factor in an email recipient becoming an actual business lead. Call Web and Mobile now to find out how your Email Marketing Services can be great for business.

    How to Get Best ROI from Email Marketing

    All marketing campaigns are about getting the best Return on Investment (ROI). When you get right Email Marketing UAE services, your business will get most business leads with least spending budget. Attention to detail while running email marketing campaigns brings best ROI. Web and Mobile Dubai specializes in highest ROI with our Email Marketing Dubai services.

    You have to send out emails to the right audiences to start with. Best emailing times have to be selected. Attractive email content is very important in order to get that first click to your business website. You can get the largest Email Database Dubai but still not find best ROI figures as well. It is a delicate balance between sending more emails and getting your emails right in the first place.

    Since the aim is to produce maximum business leads from email marketing campaigns, everything has to work perfectly. Age groups of your selected email audiences will play a vital role as well. What they have previously bought and how recent was their purchase will be important too. If someone has just bought their new trainers, they will most likely not need new ones for a couple of months.

    All these factors make or break an email marketing campaign. Only the very best Email Marketing Companies in Dubai and UAE will be able to bring highest ROI. When you get boosted business leads and revenue generation, whatever you have to spend on this will pay well off.

    The Bottom Line

    Email Marketing may be one of the earliest ways of digital marketing. It is still to this day one of the most significant ones. Many people argue against its efficiency today. Yet, when you get it right, email marketing can be the deciding factor for any business’s success. You have to get many factors right for it to work best.

    Who gets your emails and what times they get them? How often your emails get to them. All these and more factors make email marketing campaigns bring best ROI for businesses. Web and Mobile provides best Email Marketing Services for all businesses. Call now and get professional business advice.



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