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August 20, 2018

SMS Marketing Company in Dubai, UAE

If your business has already definite that the next movement as far as digital marketing is concerned is to speak to an Experienced Bulk SMS Marketing Dubai, United Arab Emirates, here are some verified tips that will support you to make the right decision when deciding on the best sms marketing company to use.

How SMS Marketing Work

SMS marketing has never been as popular as it is right now (Nowadays) in concern to get Potential Customers and that is because of the pure success in the delivery rate that these text messages can achieve for your Product or Services.

Not only can you design each SMS message to get across a particular piece of information but you can also kit them to fit in with your business (Products/Services) with the information that your recipients are more than likely to open and read the insides accordingly.

The most important component of every text (SMS Marketing) campaign is fast and easy identification of the company so that any potential recipient (SMS Receiver) knows at first peep who sent the message. A good solution is using WAM Marketing SMS company, but you should always remember about identifying the very content of the message.

Features of SMS Marketing Company

  • SMS Marketing is Instant Deliverables
  • SMS Marketing Flexible Platform
  • It Provides Instant Opt-In and Opt-Out
  • Bulk SMS High Open Rate
  • Sending SMS Marketing High Conversion Rate
  • Bulk SMS Marketing is More Reliable
  • Easy to Convey Short Messages to Targeted Person
  • Bulk SMS Marketing is one of Cool Factor Marketing Method
  • It is Limitless Market Potential

SMS Marketing Services Dubai

How Do You Do Bulk SMS Marketing?

Below are some of the most effective SMS writing techniques for promotional messages.
  1. Always include the main purpose of the message.
  2. Write a brief and clear message.
  3. Write a personalized message.
  4. Be genuine with what you offer.
  5. Offer an immediate value.
  6. Include an exciting offer.
  7. Create a sense of urgency.

Webandmobile helps Businesses and software developers enrich their Customer experience, Generate New Leads using state of the art Promotional SMS or adding the much secure SMS Alert and Verification Functionality and Transactional SMS with our easy-to-use APIs, Robust Platform, and round the clock support, you can focus on innovating!

Why WAM?

Unbeatable Prices and Delivery Speeds

Our direct interconnections with operators around the world Rate & Route Quality based Automated SMS gateway routing and State of Art infrastructure ensure higher delivery rates, least latencies and Round the clock Support help your Campaigns Deliver the ROI, Delivered the best User experience for your Apps

Messaging Quality

Sending messages is quite easy, but Delivering them quickly and consistently is more difficult. We use technologies that help us to exceed the benchmarks of messaging quality, regardless of the geographical location of the User

We’ll deliver your messages using the exact same sender ID every time giving the context to your end user.

Our platform supports Unicode, delivering your messages with international symbols and emojis.

Why SMS Marketing?

  • Less Pricing than the Local Providers
  • Fast Message Delivery (more than 14 messages per second)
  • Advanced Onsite/Telephone/Online/Email Support
  • Mobile Numbers Databases which make it possible to deliver your SMS to most interesting recipients only
  • No Setup Charges, No Monthly Charges, No Specific Volume Commitment
  • User Friendly Web Based Application which allows you to send Single Bulk SMS and History/Monthly Analysis Reports
  • Integration Facility in your Existing Web/Desktop Based Applications
  • SMS Reply Option can be provided

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SMS Application Features

  • SMS Application Features
  • SMS Marketing By Your Company Name
  • Web Based Application
  • Full Support to send SMS in English/Arabic/other Languages
  • Phonebook-Can store contacts as well as Manage Contacts in Groups
  • A user can be able to send Single or Bulk SMS
  • A user can send Bulk SMS from any computer just having Internet Browser
  • Integration Facility in your Existing Web/Desktop Based Applications
  • View Messages History & Delivery Report
  • View Credits Information

Our Mobile Number Database can be categorized as:

  • UAE Locals Only
  • Expatriates Only
  • Arabic Speakers Only
  • English Speakers Only
  • Asians Only
  • Europeans, American, African Only
  • By Specific Nationality Wise (UAE, India, Egypt, Bahrain, America etc.)Age Wise
  • VIP’s, High Salaried Peoples, Property Owners, Car Owners, iPhone Users Etc
    City Wise (Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.)
  • Gender Wise (Males or Females)

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SMS text marketing services

We have a large SMS database for many different regions and specific countries. As the SMS database is segregated as per demographic profiles, we can carry out a mobile marketing campaign targeting say Dubai residents. Client requirements for which we have carried out campaigns include SMS marketing targeting credit card holders in Dubai, SMS mobile marketing targeting potential acquisitions from UAE to Saudi Arabia, routine SMS text marketing to your own mobile number database, bulk SMS marketing to specific nationalities within UAE, promoting voters to exercise franchise during elections, invitation to join events.

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